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Doxie Go Tips

"Free" Alternative Doxie Carrying Case

Apparent offers a special carrying case for the Doxie Go.
Apparent Doxie A4 Case
If you own a Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile you can use its carrying case instead. The Doxie Go fits very well and the case even has a small compartment for USB cables or an EyeFi SD Card.
Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Case

How to scan while charging over USB via a computer

The Doxie Go is not designed for use while it is connected to a computer. Apparent recommends using an external power supply if you have to scan a lot of documents and run out of battery power.

If you don't want to carry around another power supply you can use a Charge Only USB Cable instead. My Belkin Conserve Valet came with a 30 cm cable that is much lighter and easier to carry than the power supply. It fits in the above mentioned Pure-Fi carrying case.
Belkin charge only cable

Doxie Plug and Import

Doxie Plug and Import detects when you plug in your Doxie scanner, launches the Doxie application and immediately starts the import of your scanned documents. more ...

Where are the imported images?

By default the Doxie stores the scanned images on its internal storage:

If you scan to a SD card or to an USB stick the files are located in

during the import process these files are moved to
~/Library/Application Support/Apparent/Doxie Library.doxielibrary/Scans