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Newton & Astronomie - Books

AstroNewt 1.0 (C)1994, SanSoft - 340 KB - Interessierte können AstroNewt jetzt wieder erwerben
AstroNewt ist kein Programm sondern lediglich ein 256 seitiges NewtonBook, das aus drei Teilen besteht:
[AstroNewt is now available again. - AstroNewt is not a real program but a Newton book with 256 pages, divided in three chapters:]
  • eine Auflistung der Sternbilder mit den lateinische Namen der Sterne, den Größenklassen und den Koordinaten
    [a list of all constellations with the Latin names of the stars, their brightness and their coordinates]
    AstroNewt Sternbilder/constellations

  • 12 Sternkarten [12 star charts]
    AstronNewt Sternenkarte/star chart

  • astronomische Fachbegriffe [astronomical terms]
    AstroNewt Glossar/Glossary

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Sternenhimmel 2x00q
Sternenhimmel by Thorsten Stegemann - 69 KB freeware Download (MP2x landscape or eMate)
Eine große Sternkarte und 10 Seiten mit Auffindhilfen für die Sternbilder. Weitere Informationen (German only)
[German Newton book with one large star chart and 10 pages of constellations]

Sternenhimmel 2x00q Screenshot

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Astronaut 2.7
Astronaut 2.7 by Paul Filmer - 445 KB freeware (Update 12.01.2002) Download
mehr als 220 Seiten Informationen zu den bemannten US amerikanischen Weltraummissionen inkl . ISS
[more than 220 pages of information about the manned US space flights incl. ISS]

Astronaut Screenshot

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Cosmonauts by Paul Filmer - 409 KB freeware (Update 22.09.2001) Download
Chronologische Auflistung bemannter UdSSR/RUS Weltraummissionen.
[A brief chronological description of every Soviet & Russian manned mission.]

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Interplanet (SpaceTimeline) by Paul Filmer - 43 KB freeware (Update 22.09.2001) Download
Chronologische Auflistung der interplanetarischen Missionen
[A very brief chronology of US, Soviet/Russian, Chinese, Japanese and European unmanned interplanetary missions.]

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Moon Map
Moon Map by Paul Filmer - 488 KB freeware Download
Zwei detailreiche Mondkarten. Die Mare, Berge, Krater und Apollo Landeplätze sind sowohl direkt auf der Karte vermerkt als auch über Ziffern zu identifizieren.
[Two non-inverted maps (incl. Maria, Montes, Craters and Manned Missions) of the Moon, one with numbered features and key, the other with feature names printed on the map itself.]

Moon Map Screenshot

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How to purchase AstroNewt

From: PDAntic
Subject: Found AstroNewt!
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999


Well, after having not heard from ANYONE who wanted to purchase AstroNewt over the last year and a half, I had three requests in the last week, all from people named Michael. Almost sounds like the plot to an episode of the X-Files... I did a search of all of my growing pile of Zip disks and found a copy of Astro.pkg, the Newton package file that contains the app. Anyway, here's what I'd like to do.

First and foremost, this is a product, even if I can no longer support it (I no longer have a MessagePad, Mac or Newton Toolkit). This was the prototype for AstroPilot and AstroHTML, our successful packages for Palm and Windows CE devices. As such, I don't really want to put this out into the public domain as shareware or freeware. I would be willing to e-mail you a copy for $10, half of what I charge for the Palm/CE version. If you'd like to try this, just drop a check or $10 bill into an envelope along with your e-mail address to:

892 E. Quail Place
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-2137

I'll e-mail the package ASAP after I get your money. It is 666KB in size, unzipped.
There are a couple of caveats; first, I must repeat that I can't support the package. Second, some people who had purchased this package last year had problems installing it. They needed to run some sort of file type utility on it before they could get the Newton Package Installer to recognize it as a Newton package. Since it has been quite a while since I last had any interest in AstroNewt, I do not remember the name of the utility. If you get the package file and can't get it to install, let me know and I'll refund your money (just be honest about this!).

If you know of any other people who have expressed an interest in AstroNewt, please forward this information to them and I'll extend the same offer to them.


Steven Sande
President, SanSoft
Highlands Ranch, CO
On The Web At*/

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